– Problem Solver

– Design Hero

– Chef WrapUp

What do other members of Team Loodens say about Joeri?

When we look at Joeri we see a walking intention to connect. Conversations filled with acceptance, vulnerability and growth seem to come naturally to Joeri. With his attunement and empathic attitude he can see multiple perspectives in a conversation in a split second. The combination of his openhearted imagination and decade long design experience translates into illustrations that are breathing simplicity, alivenes, and play.


What do people say you are good at helping them with?

I am a great listener, and I can really imagine how a situation feels for the other person. People say they feel I don’t judge them in any way so they feel accepted, heard, and understood. This way people open up more than they normally would and answer my questions in a non defensive way. We are able to enter a deeper level which is often not accessible because of fear or shame, and the other person can explore him/herself using me as a space holder. This allows the person to get insights which open up a total new path to ‘re­connection’.

I have had conversations with people who have a strong internal critical voice.  It seems that they wear a mask without knowing it and being authentic is a challenge for them.  I stand next to these people like a friend instead of taking the opposite position, and I see them open up with me because they feel safe and understood.

I also hear that I can analyze a person’s challenging situation to the essence regarding communication and interpersonal connection.  My specialty is to analyze the dynamics between people and to always find a solution which is best for both sides. I can explain precisely what things can be improved by breaking down a problem to the essential elements.  I use metaphors and examples which are simple to understand which a person easily can relate to.

­ ­ ­ I am always curious about borders…why is the border the border? What happens if we cross our own borders? When I ask questions around this theme, the other person starts thinking about it as well.  Then it often happens that the person becomes aware of their own borders and fears.  This encourages him/her to explore and redefine borders which can totally change the dynamics within themselves as well as in their relationships.

What perspectives do you bring?

­ I am a 10-year entrepreneur and own a graphic design agency. I am Chief of Communication and am therefore experienced in lots and lots of situations where two parties disagree about something. Finding a way that satisfies both parties is a game I love to play; knowing this can also be a compromise. It’s give and take, like all good relationships 🙂