This is Team Loodens agreement when it comes to honoring the privacy of clients and students:

  1. We don’t approach students/clients outside Loodens conversations about subjects/conversations we’ve talked about in the Loodens conversations. Students/Clients can approach us to request support around subjects/conversations.
  2. We can share freely with Loodens Team Members in an environment that has just other Loodens Team Members present. We don´t mention the name of any student/client to any 3rd party.
  3. When we share a student’s/client’s experience verbally with an outside party or when there is a 3rd party present in our environment, we check in with what our intention of sharing is. After this check, when we DO decide to share because we want to, for instance, contribute/inspire/celebrate/mourn/learn, we hold the intention to leave out names, gender, location, race and other identifying details and focus primarily on our own experience. Not the experience of the other person.
  4. When we would like to use a client’s/student’s experience in a video/audio/written or other public form, we hold the intention to get permission from this person before sharing the experience publicly, to respect their choice and honor the trust our clients and students have put in us. We will leave out the name of this client/student in all instances of sharing to protect their privacy, even after permission to share the experience has been granted. This is an exception to agreement number 1, where we do actually contact the student/client outside the Loodens conversations.
  5. When we record and publish videos from classes we keep the faces of students and clients out of the video. We only publish the audio and words of students/clients with their explicit written consent. Students/clients can revoke their consent at any moment in time and Loodens will remove the video from where it has been published by Loodens (e.g. Facebook/Youtube/
  6. Video and Audio material that is not being used for publication or a project with a student/client, will be deleted within one week of the recording from all computers, phones and cameras on which the material has been saved on.
  7. When we break this agreement we want to hold both ourselves and the other, whose needs might not be met, with compassion. To learn from what happened and move in the direction of shared understanding and growth.

Will you let us know if you have a question, concern or suggestion around privacy?
You can reach us here: