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By making a donation, you help us help more people move through challenging conversations. You can find more info about us and how we do this below the form.




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Loodens is an Amsterdam based Non-Profit organization. Our mission is to share the language of needs and compassion with as many people as possible.

We offer most of our services like our one-on-one sessions, group sessions, stories, videos, and manuals free of charge.

The people who enjoy our work, can support us financially so we can keep offering most of our workshops, one-on-one sessions, research and stories for free.

The inspiration for choosing this model is our need for inclusion. This way we can support anyone who needs our support, regardless of financial means.

Would you enjoy supporting us so we can help more people? Above, you can choose to do so via Paypal, Ideal (for Dutch Bank Account holders), Bitcoin and Credit Card (select Paypal option for this). Your gift really makes a difference to us 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns about supporting us feel free to call us (+31 6 14189776)  or e-mail us (